Selected Photos That Are Some of My Favorite Photos Taken Each Year

The photos in these galleries include equipment and  exposure information, location, etc. for photographers who are interested in the technical side of our photography.  We are diehard Olympus fans and have used Olympus equipment for more than 32 years for both professional and personal photography.  Photos made before May 2006 were made with an OM2n.  Photos made after that date were made with an E20, E1, E510, or E3.

Most of the photos were made in Olympus Raw format and processed with Photoshop Elements 7, 8, and 9, or

Olympus Studio 2 or Master 2.  We also use Microsoft Office PictureIt for quick edits and compression.

I hope everyone who views these photos will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making the photos.

All of my photos and the poem by Sarah Clarkson are copyrighted.

Permission is required to use any of the photos and/or the poem for any commercial reason.

Churches may use my scenery, nature, and wildlife photos for projections, teaching, bulletins, etc without asking. 

However,a courtesy email regarding which photo and how it was used would be appreciated.



I am slowly adding photos to this gallery software while I try to learn to use it.  I like this software because it

allows for some flexibility and automatically includes the technical information.



The following are done on either separate web pages of an free gallery program I used to use.

2007 These photos include exposure info

Photos in low light or after Dark

Birds and Creatures   Misc Travel Scenes   Bugs

Around the Home Front  Wildlife  Flowers  Pets

Wind Song

Wind Song is a poem written by my incredibly talented niece, Sarah Clarkson.  She put this poem on her personal blog,Itinerant IdealistWhen I read it, I thought of a photo I had made of aspens trees north of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Oct. 2, 2004 that were in their bright yellow stage and immediately put the words to the photo.


Our Photographic Slide Shows

This is another way to display photos that I have tried.  The software is free from Microsoft.

Most of these slide shows require Windows Media Player 10 or 11


July 2009  Bishop's Castle, Colorado: This video slide show is about 4 minutes long and is about our most recent visit to Bishop's Castle, a castle built in the Rocky Mountains about 50 miles west of Pueblo, Colorado.  We have visited the castle several times over about 15 years.  Jim Bishop has built this castle almost totally on his own and it is a testimony to what one man can do if he has the desire to stick to the project he starts.


The camera equipment has changed this year.

Wiley is now using an Olympus E-3.  Linda now uses an Olympus E-510.

June A two minute slide show highlights of our camping trip to Colorado with our 5 yr old grand daughter.  This year makes her third camping trip to Colorado!  These are my photos.

June  A short Slide Show of the photos our 5 1/2 yr old grand daughter, River, took using her mother's Kodak digital camera.  For a 5 1/2 yr old girl, she has an amazingly good eye and takes very well composed photos.


  This is a slide show/video made with Microsoft Photo Story 3 of photos I have taken using my Olympus E-1.  It requires o run.  This video is apx 13 minutes of photos and music simply because I just don't have the time to edit it right now.  I do hope you have the time to watch it!  It covers a time span of Jan-Oct and takes in multiple camping trips (Galveston Island, Colorado, Disney World) my wife and I made this year with our grand daughter (and daughters!).  I will post photos my wife made later, when time permits.  She presently uses an Olympus E510.  There are alot of macro, wildlife, and nature photos, not to mention some of my family!

2007  The year in review



        We took our 3.5 yr old grand daughter, River, camping in the mountains of Colorado for the first time this year.  We went to the camp ground where we took our daughters many times over the years.  I was actually too busy this year with camp ground chores to do much photography but I did get a little in.  Linda spent a lot of time with River snapping photos.  She would pose for the photo, then run up and look at the camera to view the display then go back and repose if she didn't like the photo.  I converted from an Olympus OM2n 35mm film to an Olympus E-1 digital SLR in May.  You will need Windows Media Player 10 or 11 to view a couple of these video slide shows.


Most of the following groups of photographs which were taken on my property are in the form of slide shows thanks to new software that is free from Microsoft.   I shoot most wildlife photos using either my OM-2n with a 250 MM Zuiko Zoom lens attached to a Vivitar 2x Telextender and my wife's E-20 with the TCON-300 Telextender Lens Pro.  In April 2006, I purchased my first digital SLR.  I now use an Olympus E-1 with a couple of lenses.  I also have an adapter to allow me to use my old OM lenses.  Both the OM-2 AND the E-1 go with me now on vacation. 


Many of the photos in these slide shows during the winter months are of wild ducks, which I think are fascinating birds to watch and try to photograph.  They are also one of the most difficult birds to sneak up on that I know of, if not the most difficult!  I have spent more time crawling on my belly at about 1 foot per minute to sneak up close enough to these ducks to photograph them.  I guess one could ask "why not use a duck blind?"  Well, the simple answer is that I enjoy the challenge of just trying to crawl in close enough during daylight hours to get good photos that don't need too much cropping.  Of course, I have had a lot of help in scaring ducks off from my dog, who I can't seem to find a way to pin up long enough for me to escape to the fields with out her finding me!  Even so, I have some fairly good photos!


April 2006 A Trip to the Coast (most taken with Olympus OM-2n or E20)


Ducks on the north Stock Tank:  01-10-2006  (most taken with Olympus OM-2n or E20)


Wild Flowers May 8, 2006      (taken with my new Olympus E-1)


July 2006 Camping in Colorado  (taken with my new Olympus E-1)



Almost anyone who vacations a lot, especially camping, has a story about a vacation that they describe as The Vacation From Hell.  This is the story of our special vacation!  Not many photos here but the story is a riot.  If you can top this one, let me know because I would love to read it!  Believe it or not, many of our vacations over the years have been filled with unique experiences, however, after 34 years, this one is by far the best!  In hindsight, I wish we had kept diaries of all of our adventures because it would have definitely had a shot at the best sellers list for true short stories

Our Summer 2005 Vacation?


Christmas 2005


        Wildlife Photos taken in Dec 2005






I made these photos on our yearly camping trips to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in the various tents,  slide-in/cab-over, pop-up tent, and traditional hard side campers we have owned over the years.  Our camping vehicles have ranged from a 1978 Chevy 3/4 tone Crew Cab, 1984 Suburban, several 2x4 and 4x4 Nissan standard King Cab Pick-ups, to our latest Pick-up--a 2005 Nissan Crew Cab Titan 4x4.  We have enjoyed many years of camping in the higher elevations of Colorado in the Bear Lake NFCG near Cuchara, CO. and at Williams Creek Lake about 25 miles north of Pagosa Springs, CO.   What you see here is just a few of the many camping trips we have made both with our daughters and without (after they were grown!).  We highly recommend camping as a way to enjoy family vacations!  There are things that you will see and experience when camping that you cannot experience any other time.



Our Summer 2004 Colorado Camping Trip

           1st camp ground is Bear Lake, which is apx 10500 ft above sea Level

        Our 2nd camp Ground was Williams Creek Lake at apx 9000 ft above sea level.

        Wild Flowers on my property in 2004





This page is a work in progress.  I will be adding more photos as time permits. Please come back often to view the galleries as they are added or grow in size.

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