A Homebrew Antenna Elevator for Rohn 25

2015 Project

The following photos are of my homebrew antenna vertical transport system (my version of a Hazer).  So far it is working very well.  The traveling guy system I used protects against the offset weight of the vertical transport system.  It also protects the tower and antennas from side ways twisting or torque in high wind.  This is a shot write up as I have lost most of my digital photos I made during the initial development.  I used the top three feet of a ROhn 25 8ft top section and welded brackets with guide wheels to the tower section.  A 12v. DC winch does the actual lifting of the system.  I will publish more on this project at a later date.  For now, here are some photos of the vertical lift.

The tower base actually has very little concrete holding it into the ground because the 3ft deep hole was dug through almost solid rock.  It doesn't take much concrete when the tower sits in over two feet of solid rock!


The vertical antenna transport with the first antenna, a 2 meter beam used to test the lift.  Please note the torque arms for guying and preventing twisting of the tower in high wind.  The guys travel up and down with the transport. At the top of the tower the guys stretch tight.


An overall view of the tower with the transport in the raised position.


This telephoto shot shows the transport holding four yagis of various sizes.




My 2017 Project

This year I removed the tapered top section and installed a 10ft straight section to allow better clearance for rotation of the antennas.  I also added a Cushcraft A3WB for 12 and 17 meters.  I also installed removable guys at the 25ft elevation.  I can lower the transport to that level and work from a tower belt on any antenna.  If I remove the lower guys, I can bring the transport all the way down to where I can work on the antennas from a ladder.  I have also added a 36ft. Rohn 25 that has an LED security light on it for the front yard.  This tower is mounted to the side of the house around the corner from my pickup in the photo above.  It was initially planned to be a security lighting and a TV antenna.  It is already in use for security lighting.  I doubt I will install a TV antenna though.  I am presently assembling an 8ft tapered top section with a old AR-22 rotor.  I think this will become the tower for my 146 Mhz and 440 Mhz yagis.  The 40 ft tower on the left side of my house is now a Met tower with a TV antenna, backyard LED security light and a ADS-B receiver for Flightradar24.  The HF vertical that was at 40ft on that tower is now at 65ft on my 70 ft tower.  When money permits, my 70ft tower will probably go to 100 ft for my 442.575Mhz repeater.