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For those who are looking for a Church of Christ congregation to visit or become a member of that is gender inclusive or egalitarian:

Directory of Gender Inclusive and Egalitarian Churches of Christ

If your congregation is egalitarian or gender inclusive and is not listed in my directory, please contact me by email.  When you are listed in my directory, your email to me will be forwarded to the admin of the web site and they will add your congregation to a WIKI Project Directory sponsored that they sponsor.  The WIKI Project Church directory is based

WIKI Directory, which is based on my directory, has an online self entry page that is  now available on the site. The admin will pass the info on to me and I will then list your congregation exactly as it is listed in the WIKI Project Directory.  Doing so will help us and help fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are searching for a church home that does not discriminate because of gender.




a very important link!

Wiki Project: Exodus


Exodus: the ones called elsewhere


 This project is sponsored by the web site with whom we share information and have a common goal.  If you are a woman or man who has been called into ministry but have been forced to leave the Churches of Christ because of gender restrictions, this is a growing list for those who do not mind being publically identified.




An important link for women already in ministry in the Churches of Christ

Women In Ministry


Understanding the Christian Egalitarian Movement

Theopedia: Egalitarianism


Emails from readers


Papers and personal stories on this web site that are published  with the authors' permission. The following authors are active members of the Restoration Movement Churches.  Most are members of the Churches of Christ, and some are members of  Independent Christian Churches, and the Christian Church/Disciples of Christ which are part of the Restoration Movement Churches in the North America.

(added on 12/02/2013)

Don Willis, from Australia


 Naomi Walters by Dale Pauls

Katie Hays

Janna's Story


Al Maxey


Dr.Ken Schrable


Bobby Valentine


Lance Pape


Edward Fudge


Floyd E Rose


James Casey


Irie Sessions


Shanna Ray


Jen Hale Christy


Katie Riggs


Steven Clark Goad


Wiley Clarkson


The following are links to web sites with articles and papers relating to the Churches of Christ regarding the role of women in the Churches of Christ

Half The Church

One Voice For Change

Community Without Barriers

Experimental Theology

Dale Pauls

Rude Truth


Books I recommend

 by  authors who are members of the Churches of Christ



The following are links to non-Restoration Movement studies and web sites that are loaded with valuable information pertaining to gender equality and inclusivity


Articles and studies by authors who are not part of the Restoration Movement Churches.  Some of these articles are links to the author's web sites.

Marg Mowczko

Rachael Held Evans

Margaret Fell

Ruth Hoppin


Books I recommend

by authors who are not members of Restoration Movement churches


Some valuable links

bWe Baptist Women by Shirley Taylor,  Author of the newly published book "Dethroning Male Headship".  This site is directed at the Southern Baptist Churches but equally applies to all churches where gender discrimination exists.

CBE - Christians For Biblical Equality

Advancing a biblical foundation for gift-based rather than gender based ministry and service

CBE Bookstore

the bookstore for Christians who want to learn as much as they can about Biblical Equality

Equality Central

Egalitarian Christian Alliance:  Christian Egalitarianism, then, is not “radical feminism”, but only the belief that scripture shows male and female to be equal in salvation, in gifting, in service, and in access to God.

God's Word to Women

an excellent site for studying gender equality 


Remembering the

CBE Houston Conference

videos and mp3's

April 27 & 28, 2012

at the

Heights Church of Christ

Houston, Texas