Build an air powered rock digging bar using

 a Rohrer 98E Basic T-post Driver


Here is my latest effort saving and back pain saving device that anyone considering putting up alot of fencing in Texas limestone should consider making for themselves. If you own a Rohrer Manufacturing air powered T-post driver, you are already 3/4 of the way to being able to dig holes in Texas limestone for posts. I own the 98E t-post driver (the smallest driver at $450.00 plus shipping and worth every penny!). You will need to purchase a 1.25" round post sleeve for your driver for $60 plus shipping. Then go by TSC and purchase a rock chipping/digging bar ($29.95). The bar is 1.25" in diameter. Cut the wide end off the bar leaving bar as long as possible. Now go see your friendly neighborhood welder (I recommend Paul Jones in Walnut Springs) and have him weld the bar inside the sleeve (apx $30). Be sure to have the top end of the bar all the way into the post driver so the post driver strikes both the bar and the sleeve at the same time. That is all there is to making an air powered rock chipping/digging bar and saving alot of energy and back pain! Just position it, push the starting lever down, and let the driver do the rest! When it is deep enough, let the weight of the post driver on top of the bar help pry loose the rock! You will do more work cleaning out the hole with a post hole digger than you will ever dream of doing with the digging bar.

Tractor Supply Company San Angelo Digging Bar     30106 BAP-175

Rohrer Manufacturing 98E Basic T-Post Driver

Rohrer Manufacturing 1.25" round post sleeve for the 98E Basic