Bah! I’m Taking my Baseball Bat and Going Home!

I am a conservative Republican. I make no apologies for that! The Republican Primary has been the all consuming news story for the past five months. Our primary candidates have pretty much covered the field from the left side of the political spectrum to the right side. The fight between them has been brutal, with blood spilt from back stabbing and direct attacks. The battle between the two final leaders became even more brutal in the final days when the last few delegates to the Convention were being sought after to try to win that coveted nomination before the Convention convened. I do not believe I have ever seen such down right mud slinging in a primary than what we have seen this year. And just when the people of the Republican Party have made their choice of who the candidate will be by voting before the convention, we are seeing and hearing from the conservative side of our party how they will not vote for Trump in the general election. They are taking their baseball bat and leaving the game. It’s like the Charlie Brown comics where Lucy takes her bat home with her because she can’t get her way.

I have been a Republican all my life. I have been through an actual campaign when my father ran for County Judge of Tarrant County as a Republican in the 1960’s when the Democratic party still had control of county and city politics. Getting elected as a Republican on a county or city level was next to impossible. When my family moved to our small ranch in north Bosque County in 1978, you could count the number of Republicans in the Walnut Springs area on two hands. Since that time, as the Democrats kept getting more and more liberal, we have seen many of the local Conservative Democrats become Republicans. Republican men and women have been elected to state and national positions in government, something that had never happened before. I have been told by friends who have been Democrats all their lives that they cannot be Democrats any longer so they switched to being Republicans because they knew that the system of government that we have does not operate well with more than two parties so they chose to become Republicans rather than independents. Now, because of the free-for-all we have had in the primary race and the predicted winner of the delegate count after the two remaining candidates suspended their campaigns, we are starting to see an exodus from the party by Conservatives. Like Lucy, they are now taking their baseball bat and going home.

Here’s the reality that many conservatives like myself need to consider. This election, we stand at the precipice of then end of our Nation. We are closing in on a 9th inning for our country. We are not their yet, but if all the conservatives who are now threatening to leave the party because Donald Trump has apparently won the primary to be able to run against Hillary Clinton in the Fall, were to not support Trump in the general election, we will literally hand the election to an ultra liberal progressive, almost socialist who, in the next four year term, we will probably change the face of the Supreme Court. When that happens, there will be a huge outcry by the Conservatives. As the socialist laws keep coming, it will be the Conservatives who left this year who will bring about the downfall of our way of life. Think about this! It will not be the liberals who crash our way of life based in the conservative view of the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights. It will be the Conservatives who refuse to support the Republican Party and its candidate, the only party with a shred of hope of stopping us from falling into the socialism that has now started taking over the country.

Quite frankly, I am really quite upset with our party leaders, the way candidates have acted towards each other and the members of the party, and the way many of our conservative members are now threatening to pull out and not vote in the November election or vote for a candidate who has absolutely no chance of winning. This will probably bring about the death of the conservative Republican Party. It will also act as the single most important victory for the Democrats who are driving the bus into socialism.

If the Republicans fail to win the Presidency in November, life will change as we presently know it and it will not be the fault of the ultra liberal socialist left! It will be the fault of the very people, the ultra conservatives, who want to prevent what they are going to cause! About 50 years ago President John Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. To those Republicans who are saying “I will not vote for Trump” in the general election because I do not like him personally, I say you are as bad or worse than the progressive liberal who will take us down the road to oblivion.

An independent candidate cannot win the Presidency. They only cause the more conservative national party to lose the election!

I am a conservative Republican! I will remain a conservative Republican! If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee when the convention ends, I will vote for him! He was never my choice in the Primary but if he wins, I will support him. If you must leave the Republican Party, go ahead, take your baseball bat and go home! But do not complain when Hillary is elected and she appoints an overwhelming majority of ultra liberal judges to the Supreme Court, who in turn, will start taking apart our Constitution, one Amendment at a time, until it becomes a worthless document in our history.

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I am a Christian Biblical Egalitarian who is 67 years young who retired on Feb 24, 2011 after being employed by Securitas Security Services at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant since August 26, 1983 as a Central Alarm Station operator and an Armed Security Officer. Comanche Peak is a nuclear powered high pressure reactor electric generating facility owned by Luminant. I have a wonderful wife, Linda, to whom I have been happily married for over 42 years. We have three daughters and son-in-laws and five grandchildren. My wife and I have lived in rural North Central Texas on a small ranch for 37 years. I started blogging because I can be very opinionated and this has turned out to be a very good way to state my opinions! If you want further info, see my web page titled "About Us" on
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