REGISTER MY DAUGHTER: NEVER! this is something I have read various times over the last couple of weeks. We recently heard on the national news from our military chiefs of staff, which now is guided by progressive liberalism, that women should be required to register for the draft, just like young men. They said that since women are now able to serve on a battlefield, they should have the same requirement at 18 years old.

I agree with the military general who said they support mandatory registration of women. If men are required to register at 18 years of age, then so should women, based on the principles of equality of the citizens that are found in the Constitution. Being a Constitutionalist and an egalitarian, this is the belief that I must come to regarding the generals’ statements. HOWEVER, AS A CONSTITUTIONALIST, THE SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM ITSELF WITH ITS MANDATORY MANUAL REGISTRATION IS UN-CONSTITUTIONAL, OUTDATED, DISCRIMINATORY, VERY EXPENSIVE TO OPERATE, TOTALLY ANTIQUATED AND NEEDS TO END! WE NEED TO REGISTER ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, MALE OF FEMALE! IT IS NOT OK TO REGISTER TO REGISTER MY SONS, DAUGHTERS, GRANDSONS OR GRANDDAUGHTERS! Draft registration and actively drafting men for the military is a political tool of an ultra liberal, strong federal government that operates under the progressive liberal ideas of the years in which it exists. IT IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL BELIEF and IT SHOULD BE ENDED, if not declared un-Constitutional. The US Constitution allows only for the STATES to be able to require registration and service on a state level from the available militia in each state.

When our Constitution was written shortly after fighting the British using an all volunteer army, the militia, which composed a large part of our fighting forces during the American Revolution, was understood to mean “men who own firearms in private life and were in reasonable shape to fight”. This is why we see the word Militia used in the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. It was understood that regarding having an armed militia of citizens available to fight aggressors required men to own firearms. The Continental Army, which became our US Military, was a volunteer organization from the inception of our country. From 1776 to 1861, we fought in several wars with the British and Mexico. The Conscription (the Draft) was not used until after the Civil War began and then it was used by the Union government that was controlled by a politically liberal Republican party under President Lincoln. The draft was initiated by the Union to secure men for the war with the Confederate States. Of course, where there are liberal political policies, there is also a wide open door for corruption! Men were allowed to purchase their way out of service in the Union army when conscripted or they could supply a volunteer to serve for them. The Civil War took a weaker federal government and turned it into a stronger federal government, taking away states rights by the end of the Civil War. The Union ended the draft at the close of the Civil War.

A few years down the road our next major conflict come alone as the Spanish-American War. This war was fought using an all volunteer military force since there was still no draft. In 1917, the US became involved in World War One. President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, convinced Congress to initiate the draft to obtain men to fight this war in Europe. The active and enforced registration and drafting of our men to go to Europe begins. A 1918 liberal Supreme Court rules the Selective Service System passed by the Democrats to be Constitutional (an earlier ruling also occurred by the same court that started the progressive income tax supported by the same president!). The liberals are now drafting men again and it is now a liberal Democratic Party in control. When World War 1 ends, the Selective Service system does not go away. In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected and through is very liberal policies, the US works its way slowly out of a Great Depression. By 1940, the economy is still not in good shape but we are becoming involved in the war in Europe. We are starting to fight the Germans and by Dec. 1941, we are fighting the Japanese. World War 2 is now in full bloom! Again, we are in the control of a liberal government under Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was just short of being a socialist. We have massive forced service of men for the war against Germany and Japan. That war ends after five years, Truman is president with liberalism being popular, and we enter the Korean War. Again, our men are drafted under a liberal government to fight in a war we do not win. When that conflict ends, though, the draft keeps going. It remain active under President Eisenhower and in 1960, John Kennedy is elected who is a recognized liberal for his time frame and a Congress still controlled by the liberals. In 1963, Kennedy is killed, and Lyndon Johnson takes over–another recognized liberal. Johnson takes us into Viet Nam after the Gulf of Tonkin a war no one wanted is fueled by the men who are forced to serve. The draft is very active and it was unpopular was to say the least. The drafted men who see the most fighting and losses. We are relying on a drafted Army and enlisted Air Force, Marines, and Navy. The fighting continues as Nixon becomes President. Under his leadership, we pull out of Viet Nam after a cease fire is signed. The Selective Service is ended along with its mandatory registration and mandatory two years of service. Nixon, a moderately conservative Republican, pushed for an all volunteer military, which was in agreement with the US Constitution. Unfortunately, this did not last very long. On July 2, 1980, President Jimmy Carter, another progressive liberal Democrat, issued Presidential Proclamation 4771 and re-instated Selective Service system with the requirement that young men register with the Selective Service System at 18 years old or face federal criminal charges. It has always been progressive liberal politicians who have supported the Selective Service System and the draft. The Selective Service System requires a strong federal government to draft or conscript men in a certain age group for military service. A strong Federal government is the central belief of the progressive liberals. Now, at the same time POTUS Jimmy Carter re-instates a the Selective Service System registration for men, our country advances into the Data Age. This was a huge technological advance that was not fore seen. Super computers are now showing up in government controlled facilities, and the general poplulation moves has access to personal computers. We have data bases being built of every imaginable design, AND we now have state drivers licenses that young men and women were obtaining at 18 years old with automatic voter registration and advanced data bases that everyone’s records are now entered into that could be quickly searched. Everyone is now registered in a data base that is quickly accessible. Following Jimmy Carter’s Presidential Proclamation, we also become involved in at least two minor conflicts, and three major conflicts to present. In all of that time we have never drafted a single young man, yet we continue to force Selective Service registration on our young men, and possibly in the near future, our young women. Progressive liberalism now demands everyone in an age group be registered. They believe the government should be able to force service on anyone. During those years, the US has also undergone a shift in thinking in equality. Race and gender equality are now understood as fundamental rights under the US Constitution. We all accept equality of gender and race. If we are going to have a Selective Service Registration, it needs to be carried out equally, without regard for race or gender. It cannot be discriminatory to be a fair system.

Now Pay attention to this! WHY DO WE NEED A SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM AT ALL! We have continued to have all the volunteers for the armed forces that we need to man our military, even during war. More importantly, as our military becomes more technically advanced, the manpower requirements are being reduced by advanced technology and volunteers are being turned away on a regular basis. If a national emergency were declared, we would have plenty of volunteers, and if we really needed to draft again, all we have to do is punch a few buttons using the drivers license data banks and we would have a list of every citizen who was available, their ages, backgrounds, etc. The Data Age has changed the playing field.


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I am a Christian Biblical Egalitarian who is 67 years young who retired on Feb 24, 2011 after being employed by Securitas Security Services at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant since August 26, 1983 as a Central Alarm Station operator and an Armed Security Officer. Comanche Peak is a nuclear powered high pressure reactor electric generating facility owned by Luminant. I have a wonderful wife, Linda, to whom I have been happily married for over 42 years. We have three daughters and son-in-laws and five grandchildren. My wife and I have lived in rural North Central Texas on a small ranch for 37 years. I started blogging because I can be very opinionated and this has turned out to be a very good way to state my opinions! If you want further info, see my web page titled "About Us" on
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