Walmart, one of my favorite places to shop?

I have been a Walmart shopper for many years. I have watched it grow from the smaller style stores that were the basis of Sam Walton’s company when it wasn’t unusual to actually see or hear that old Sam had been helping stock shelves in a new Walmart to the super store super corporation it is today that sadly needs Sam to come back from the grave. Walmart has provided jobs for members of my family when they were attending college and even now, one of my son-in-laws still works in the sporting goods area of one of the tree Super Walmarts that are all spaced about within 35 miles of my house in three different directions. If they would add a store in Clifton, Texas, that would complete all four directions and be 10 miles closer! The following story occurred yesterday, Feb. 06, 2016, on my way home from visiting my mother-in-law in Cleburne. I have had some interesting experiences being such a long term customer, but I believe this is probably the most unique! This occurred about 5PM during one of the busier shopping times for the store. I originally posted this to my Facebook timeline where I presently have about 900 friends but then realized that it was a really good story for my blog. Some of the comments have been great!

“Sometimes I wonder about Walmart cashiers! This afternoon, we stopped to shop at the Cleburne Walmart. When I had picked up everything I needed, we headed for the checkout. One of the things I had was a gallon of Sangria wine. Getting into the line, the person in front of us is done and the cashier logs off and swaps out with a new cashier. This new woman steps up and I hold up the Sangria to be scanned and then put it back in the basket. The cash register beeps the usual “is this person over 21” sound. Instead of just hitting the bypass key for people who are obviously over their check ID age, the cashier says “I need to see your ID!” I haven’t been asked for an ID for alcohol in about 40 years! I said “What?” She says again “I need to see your ID”. I said, “Why?” She says: “we have to ID everyone under 40 years old.” I said “Do I look like I am under 40 years old?” She said “I guess not but I need to see your ID because it is the rule that we have to see an ID on all sales to anyone under 40 years old.” I said, “look at me again, do I appear under 40 years old? I am 67 years old! You can’t tell the difference?” So far she doesn’t seem to have a clue that there is a override for people who are obviously over 40 years old! She says again “the rule is I have to see an ID to sell alcohol to anyone who is UNDER 40 years old.” By this with a short somewhat sarcastic remark (Linda was just taking in all in and grinning a little), I get out my Concealed Handgun License and hand it to her just to see if she knew what it was and it was a legal ID. She typed in the number (had to do it twice for the register). At the same time, another employee walks up and says “Is there a problem here?” and I say, “Do I look like I am under 40 years old and have to show an ID?” His answer was “You look like you are at least 60” and I said “thank you!” He then looks at the register this rather dense lady is typing my Concealed Handgun License number into, shakes his head and walks off! This woman then says “If I don’t ID everyone who is under 40, they won’t let me sell you the wine.” I can’t repeat what I was thinking but if this is an example of the people Walmart in Cleburne is now hiring, I will definitely do all my business with Granbury! That woman was clueless and denser than a piece of granite. I’m proud of my 67 years because I have survived and done well and I have absolutely know desire to be under 40 years old ever again. To be treated like a person “under 40″ is just a little much from a cashier! Life at 67 is good—a little challenging—BUT GOOD! Today was about the most unique Walmart purchase I have ever made. Sure hope they change their hiring and training standards for the better.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for ID’ing for alcohol sales but a little common sense goes along ways. Reminds me of the old Churches Chicken ad in TV where the lady say “You just gotta love them!”

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I am a Christian Biblical Egalitarian who is 67 years young who retired on Feb 24, 2011 after being employed by Securitas Security Services at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant since August 26, 1983 as a Central Alarm Station operator and an Armed Security Officer. Comanche Peak is a nuclear powered high pressure reactor electric generating facility owned by Luminant. I have a wonderful wife, Linda, to whom I have been happily married for over 42 years. We have three daughters and son-in-laws and five grandchildren. My wife and I have lived in rural North Central Texas on a small ranch for 37 years. I started blogging because I can be very opinionated and this has turned out to be a very good way to state my opinions! If you want further info, see my web page titled "About Us" on
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