CLose Encounters of the “What Kind?”

Today has started out to be an interesting day! I went for my two mile morning walk this morning. It’s something that I like to do when I have time. I go out at first light and I get back usually as the sun is just coming up. This morning, I had a close encounter of the Third Kind, but it was not related to the show that was popular about 35 or 40 years ago involving a UFO in a mountain. Well, I have my own definition of close encounters which is a little more definitive that the show’s definition.

So let’s think about Close encounters for a moment. On a scale of one to five, here is my definition of “Close Encounter”. See if you agree or disagree or have maybe been in one of the “Close Encounter” categories over the years.

1) Close encounter of the First Kind:
This occurs when you meet the person whom you cannot live without. It occurs when hormones and pheromones between a man and a woman some how come together resulting in the desire to be together for life (hopefully). That happened to me forty two years ago and we are still counting the years to come.

2) Close encounter of the Second Kind:
This is what I call encountering someone who may become a friend or an enemy but not a spouse. It is still an encounter between two humans. Fortunately, we all experience the “friend” side of this encounter many times in our lives. The other side of this encounter is over experiencing the encounter of someone trying to do you harm in some not friendly or even criminal way. I have had both and I think most of us have. Besides throwing a fist into a face or associated body part, I have never had to do permanent damage through use of deadly force on anyone. That may change some day, but Lord willing, maybe I will never be put in that situation.

3) Close encounter of the Third Kind:
If you were a movie watcher about forty years ago, you would say that this is meeting an alien or being kidnapped by and alien. Well, that is not my definition of the “Third Kind” encounter. I have had a number of close encounters of the third kind but they were all encounters with different animal species where there was intent to do me harm by that animal. That is how I define the Third Kind encounter. It can occur in town by encountering a vicious dog or cat, or, it can occur in the wild when encountering a wild animal that sees you as a food source or a threat.

4) Close encounter of the Fourth Kind:
Ok, here is the encounter with the UFO or other unidentified flying object like in the movie. However, since I am not a big believer in extreterristerial life, I think the main use of this one would fall into the “unexplained life forms” of this plannet I have had one encounter in this category that was up close and personal but it wasn’t from outer space as in UFO. It was an encounter with a documented and studied but not ever successfully explained event in West Texas that is referred to as the Marfa Lights. I won’t go any further with that as it is a story to itself!

5) Close encounter of the Fifth Kind:
This is the encounter with the unexplainable (or supernatural) that occurs between a person and the Creator of the Universe. It is one that we will all experience when we die but for a few, it is experienced while living. It is the one encounter that is in the supernatural and tends to leave people some what in awe, surprised, questioning or just writing it off. I have even had a couple of these encounters but those are stories I rarely share as they are the most difficult for most people to believe.

This morning on my walk, I had an encounter of the Third Kind. As I walked down the road on my property and circled aropund the south end of my south stock tank, I came face to face with a very unhappy bobcat! This was a first for this species. I have had dangerous encounters with rattlesnakes, bucks with very menacing antlers, wild pigs intent of chewing on my legs, skunks, opossums, raccoons, etc., but I have never had a close encounter with a bobcat until today. That bobcat was occupying space I needed to pass through and he had decided I was not welcome in his space. If you have ever listened to a domestic cat, such as a Siamese, growl with an arched back and hair standing on end, then amplify that a several of times bigger and louder. Every inch I moved, the growl got louder and more intense toward me and the bobcat would not move. Having been attacked by wild pigs on several occasions, I never go out with out my 9mm XDM on my gun belt with some extra ammo. The bobcat had already made it clear I was not to move and that it was not going to move. I suspect it had probably caught a field rat of rabbit for its first or last meal of the day. Having come to a total standoff, I broke the standoff with my 9mm. I loosed five round rather quickly at the bobcat, which, after having one of the rounds definitely make a solid connection with the cat, decided it was time to leave. Unfortunately, I was not able to chase the wounded cat into the brush. However, knowing that larger cats when wounded will sneak around and attack its enemy when least expected, I stayed in a “heightened state of awareness” for the remaining 1.5 miles of my walk. Fortunately, close encounters of the third time are usually more friendly.

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