A Young Woman Reads Scripture to World Leaders

I have been quiet for a while and I am not going to be really noisy this time. However, I wanted to post this because it demonstrates the power of a female voice from the pulpit, even though she is just 19 years old and speaking at her grandmother’s funeral. Listen to her read scripture! I wish my church that my wife and I love so much could allow a woman to read scripture to the members in the worship.  Unfortunately, this is the case for most churches in the United States– she is required to remain silent because “only men can lead”!  There is very little difference between the worship in a funeral service and the worship in most of our modern churches! This young lady not only read scripture that contained a powerful message, she read it to world leaders who were in that church. The video says more than I can this time!

Amanda Thatcher reading scripture at Margaret Thatcher\’s funeral

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