Wiley G. Clarkson, Architect

Corsicana:  June 1908 to Dec. 1911

Fort Worth: Jan. 1912 to May 5, 1952

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This list is a partial list that covers about 25 years of my grandfather's school projects.  There are probably quite a few that have not been listed because of my grandfather's plans and records being destroyed after he passed away.  If you know your school building was designed by Wiley G Clarkson, and it isn't listed on this list, PLEASE contact me!

In Texas 

Arlington High School                           Arlington

Birdville School (1937)                         Hurst

Birdville School (1946)                         Hurst

Birdville School Auditorium                    Hurst

Birdville Gymnasium                             Hurst

Birdville Zchool Athletic Field                 Hurst

North Ward School                              Bowie

South Ward School                              Bowie

Bowie High School                               Bowie

School Bldg                                         Breckenridge

High School                                        Breckenridge

H. S. Gymn                                        Breckenridge

East Ward School                               Breckenridge

North Ward School                             Breckenridge

West Ward School                              Breckenridge

Ward School Addition                          Breckenridge

Cleburne School Football Stadium        Cleburne

Community School For Negros            Cleburne

Coleman High School                           Coleman

Denton High School                              Denton

Robert E. Lee Grade School                  Denton

Denton Ward School, Rbt E. Lee           Denton

High School Addition                             Eastland

South Ward School                               Eastland

West Ward School                                Eastland

Thompson Ward School                        Electra

Thompson Ward School #1                  Electra

Forest Hill School                                 Forest Hill

Forreston Public School                        Forreston

Arlington Heights High                          Fort Worth

Alice Carlson Elementary                      Fort Worth

Brooklyn Heights Elementary               Fort Worth

Carroll Peak School                             Fort Worth

Charles E. Nash Elementary                 Fort Worth

D. McRae School                                 Fort Worth

George Clarke School                          Fort Worth

Central High School

            East & South wings                 Fort Worth

Clayton, Lillie B Elementary                  Fort Worth

Crestwood Elementary                        Fort Worth

EM Daggett,                                        Fort Worth

De Zavala Jr. Elementary                     Fort Worth

Denver Avenue School                         Fort Worth

Denver Avenue Addition                       Fort Worth

Eighth Ward School                              Fort Worth

Fort Worth Negro Ward School            Fort Worth

Fort Worth High School  (Old)                Fort Worth

Handley High School                             Fort Worth

Hi Mount School                                   Fort Worth

J. P. Elder Jr. High                                 Fort Worth

McLean Jr High School 

        became Paschal High School         Fort Worth

Mistletoe Heights School 

            became Lilly B Clayton               Fort Worth

Ninth Ward School                                 Fort Worth

North Fort Worth Jr. High                      Fort Worth

North Side Jr High                                 Fort Worth

North Side High School                          Fort Worth

Oak Lawn School                                  Fort Worth

Oakhurst School                                   Fort Worth

Polytechnic High School                        Fort Worth

Polytechnic Ward School                       Fort Worth

Polytechnic Jr. High School                    Fort Worth

Riverside Negro School                         Fort Worth

Sam Rosen School                                Fort Worth

Senior High School                                Fort Worth

South Fort Worth School                       Fort Worth

Stripling, W. C. Jr High                           Fort Worth

Tenth Ward School                                Fort Worth

West Van Zandt High School                  Fort Worth

William James Jr. High                            Fort Worth

Frost School                                          Frost

State Juvenile Training School

        (Multiple buildings)                          Gatesville

Graham High School                               Graham

Hubbard School                                      Hubbard

Lancaster High School                             Lancaster

Lubbock High School                               Lubbock

Malakoff School Building                           Malakoff

Mansfield High School                              Mansfield

Marshall High School                                Marshall

Marshall Negro Ward School                    Marshall

Negro High School                                   Marshall

Mingus School                                         Mingus

Sonora School Bldg Addition                    Sonora

Sweetwater Public School                        Sweetwater

Talpa Independent School                        Talpa

Tuscola School                                        Taylor County

Weatherford High School                         Weatherford

Weatherford High School  (south)            Weatherford

Van School                                              Van


In Other States


Jefferson Davis  High School               Eufaula, Oklahoma