Mary Kate Johnson Clarkson

May 28, 1888 to November 18, 1974

Married to Wiley G Clarkson on Jan. 10, 1912

My grandmother, Mary Kate Johnson, was born on May 28, 1888 in Corsicana, Texas to Dr. Samuel Wistar Johnson  and Mary Kate Beaton Johnson.  She lived in Corsicana until she married my grandfather and they moved to Fort Worth, where my grandfather had taken a job with a Fort Worth architectural firm.  In 1917, she gave birth to my father, Wiley G. Clarkson Jr.  She was a house wife and mother her whole life.  When my grandfather passed away in 1952, she continued to live in their home at 1417 Hillcrest until her death on Nov. 18, 1974.  She is buried next to my grandfather and father in Greenwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX.  She was a member of the Fort Worth Woman's Club from its earliest days, and a member of the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth


Mary Kate at about 2 years old

Mary Kate at 3 years old

A teenage Mary Kate with her favorite horse

A teenage Mary Kate driving the first car in Corsicana, her father's car.


1908 College Class Photo

1911 Bridal Portrait

Wiley Sr. and Mary Kate, sometime in 1912

About 1921, Mary Kate, Wiley Sr and my father, Wiley Jr (about 4 yrs old), taken in front of the 1715 6th Ave house

Mary Kate in the 1960's


Mary Kate Beaton Johnson and Dr. Samuel Wistar Johnson

Mary Kate Beaton was my grandmother's mother.  She was the daughter of Alexander Beaton and Elizabeth J. McKinney.  She married Dr. Samuel Wistar Johnson.  Dr. Johnson was a prominent physician in Corsicana.  He later moved to Dallas.

Mary Kate was very beautiful young woman at 19 years old.  The above photo was taken in 1884 while she was attending school by B. M Clinedinst's Art Galleries in Staunton, Va.


Mary Kate Beaton wedding portrait at 20 yrs old


This photo was taken when she was in her mid to late 30's

Dr. Samual Wistar Johnson


Parents of Mary Kate Beaton

Mary Kate Beaton's Father, Alexander Beaton.  Alexander Beaton was one of Corsicana's early settlers and business men.

Elizabeth McKinney

My grandmother wrote on the back of this photo that this was her mother's mother.  There is a very strong resemblance between mother and daughter.  Elizabeth is probably in her 20's when this photo was made.