Wiley G. Clarkson, Architect

Corsicana:  June 1908 to Dec. 1911

Fort Worth: Jan. 1912 to May 5, 1952

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1929/1930 Architectural Catelog

This is a scan of the only remaining copy of my grandfather's advertising catalog for potential customers.  The letter at the end of the photos is written to the photographer who made the photos in 1928 or 1929, giving him specific instructions regarding the angles he wished the structures to be photographed.  The different projects represent a very good cross section of the different types of jobs he did and also some of his favorite design projects of the first 15 years of his work in Fort Worth. Most of the projects shown are still in use today.  Some are still used for the same purpose they were designed and remained relatively unchanged through the years.  Others, have been remodeled under various owners and have seen various uses over the years.  Some have been repurposed by their original owners to keep up with changing times and needs.  Still other have fallen victim to the ravages of a fast paced modern society which places a higher value on the land that these structures once existed on than the structures themselves and have been replaced with newer buildings.