Wiley G. Clarkson, Architect

Corsicana:  June 1908 to Dec. 1911

Fort Worth: Jan. 1912 to May 5, 1952

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The Masonic Organization and The Moslah Shrine

 The Masonic Temple

Fort Worth, Texas

located at 1100 Henderson Street Fort Worth, TX 76102, is situated on a hillside on the southwest end of Downtown Fort Worth facing the east.  It holds a prominent position making it standout among the other building surrounding it.  Designed in a classical modern phase of art deco, it also has a blend of several other architectural styles.  My grandfather used Indiana Limestone and a ziggurate style design to make it stand out like an ancient Greek temple. This building has Texas historical landmark status.  My grandfather was a member of Fort Worth Masonic Lodge 148


The first proposal for the Temple


The Moslah Shrine

"mosque for Moslah Temple, Fort Worth Shelf 5 Job 84"

It took me a while to figure this job out.  My grandfather was an active member of Moslah Shrine but I never knew that about him.  I kept reading this job description and thinking and thinking it had somethiong to do with the Masonic Temple project.  However, during one of my many Google searches, I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  The photo was supplied to me by Moslah Shrine and the following answer to my email:  "That is very fascinating regarding your grandfather. He was obviously very talented.  Ground was broken on the first Moslah Shrine Center, or Mosque as it was then called, on Reynolds Point overlooking Lake Worth, on September 5, 1917. This building was destroyed by fire on January 10, 1927. Shortly thereafter, Moslah Shrine moved into the Masonic Temple at 1100 Henderson St., where it has resided ever since."  Of course, the Masonic Temple was also one of my grandfather's most well known projects!


The Masonic Home for Children

was located in southeast Fort Worth a short distance from Hwy 287.  The campus included buildings designed by architect Wiley G. Clarkson of Fort Worth and it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district in 1992.  In 2007, the property was sold to a developer who has donated it to ACH Child and Family Services.  I'm not real sure of the identification of some of the older buildings.  The two that I know my grandfather did not design are the Bell Tower Chapel and the Visitor's Center as they were designed and built after his death and are not pictured here.  I have reproduced a scan from my grandfather's records of buildings he either designed or altered and I have included old photographs of four of the buildings that he used in his portfolio of work for the years of 1912 thru 1927.







Cleburne Masonic Temple


Eastland Masonic Lodge


Decatur Masonic Lodge