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Family Trees Back to 1600 Coming To America

the Clarkson and Bishop Families



The True Stories of my Johnson and McKinney Ancestors




Wiley's Father and Mother (May 4, 1944 in Souix City, Iowa):

Wiley G Clarkson Jr.  and Muriel Annabeth Isaacs Clarkson


Wiley's Grand Parents (Jan. 10, 1912 in Fort Worth, Texas)

Wiley G Clarkson   and     Mary Kate Johnson Clarkson

more on my architect grandfather and my grandmother


Burford King Isaacs  and  Lyda Mae Rester Isaacs

more on the my Isaacs grandparents



Wiley's Great Grandparents


William Clarkson and Jennie Lee Gulick Clarkson


Samuel W. Johnson, M.D. and Mary Kate Beaton Johnson

More about Samuel Johnson M.D. and Mary Kate Beaton Johnson


Leonard M Isaacs and Annie Letcher King Isaacs

More about Leonard Isaacs and Annie Letcher King Isaacs Ancestry


Napoleon "Nappy" Owen Rester and Elizabeth "Bettie" Bond Cook Rester



Wiley's 2nd Great Grandparents


Capt. William A. Clarkson and Margaret F. B. Simons Clarkson

More about C.S.A. Capt. William Clarkson  and  Margaret Simons Clarkson



John Wiley Gulick, M.D.  and  Margaret Jane Sutherland Gulick



Samuel C. Johnson and Emily Martha Swilling Johnson



Maj. Alexander Beaton (USA) and Elizabeth Jane McKinney Beaton

More about Maj. Alexander Beaton  and  Elizabeth Jane McKinney Beaton



Abraham Conn Isaacs, M.D. and Elizabeth Jane Hunnicutt Isaacs

for the story of Levina Hunnicutt and her move to Texas in 1834



Kenneth Andrew King  and  Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" Letcher King



Lemuel W. Rester and Eliza D. Owen Rester



Richard Shelton Cook and Elizabeth Mary Bond Cook




Linda's Father and Mother:

Roland L. Bishop (1925-April 8, 2015)


Pauline Garland Bishop (1929-present)



Linda's Grandparents



Wiley's brother

Clay Clarkson of Monument, Colorado


Linda's brothers and sister

Carlton (Corky) Bishop, Cleburne, TX


Brenda (Cookie) Talley, Abilene, TX


Garland Bishop, Cleburne, TX